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Fr. Jun Mercado

ZBO would NOT be the same again....! The tragedy continues to unfold the 'disconnect' between the policies adopted by the National Government and the realities on the ground. It is equally DANGEROUS and COSTLY to put a person with ideological 'BLINDERS' and 'MESSIANIC ARROGANCE' to be in charge of peace. The country and ZBO pay a costly price for the continued mishandling of Maas Nur Misuari and the MNLF.
Maas Nur may be most difficult to handle... but there are 1,001 ways to to have him act in tandem with the larger picture of peace and governance. Ways that are a lot less costly than the tragedy unfolded in ZBO and in other areas these last 19 days! Prez FVR and his team were able to find the ways and strategies to bring Maas Nur to the fold of law. Now PNoy and his team ( all Messiahs) are able to bring Maas Nur and the MNLF once again OUTSIDE of the Law. Ahhh what a costly achievement!

They (PNoy's MESSIAHS) continue to believe that the MNLF is the EC 15 that government created... (courtesy of former SND Bert). The Messiahs in PNOY government continue to 'malign' SND Bert..., yet they believe, hook, line and sinker, in his 'creation'. In the last gasping breath of the EC 15, they 're-instated' Maas Nur as the undisputed Chair of the MNLF with the HOPE that Maas would return the comp0liment by 'reinstating' them to their original positions - a sort of going back to the 'status quo ante.' Then the EC 15 EXPIRED!!!

SAD to note that MOST if NOT all beneficiaries of the counter-insurgency program aka as PAMANA are so called MNLF under the EC 15... This clearly continues the previous hated administration's program of divide and rule. The only difference between the previous regime and the present one is the fact that the former was ran and managed by pro and operators... the latter is run by Messiahs and boy scouts! I really do not know which one is MORE DANGEROUS!

I am a believer of the saying: BEWARE OF MESSIAHS! CUIDATE!
Fr.Jun Mercado / ARMM WATCH
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