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A woman who never surrenders

You may know her by her charming personality.

You may always recognize her by the exceptional face. 

And you could also always count on her.

She’s a dear sister, a good obedient daughter, a perfect mother, a lovable wife and a friend to everybody. 

But not everyone knows that that she’s a woman who never surrenders! 

She never gives up easily come what may, she’s always ready to face any obstacles.

It is always said that behind every man success is a woman, but on the contrary, to her, woman can overpower men.

For so many years she keeps on soaring high for the better future, not just for her family but also for the school that she’s heading on. 

Buadababai Primary School is said to be her second home. 

She spent many years for its progress. 

Money does not matter to her for the expense of Buad. 

As long as she lives, she will spend half of her life for it even if the call of retirement takes place. 

Although she has a simple life but her friend could tell how big and fabulous is her heart.

More to say about this woman. 

Let us know how she struggles life without right.

Life for her is like a crystal that is clear, sure as the sun that always shine and when it rains, there is always a rainbow.
She studied hard to finish college. 

Although her parents had only enough money for their everyday need, she never stop of aiming.

She did the weaving of mat in order to earn money to support her studies. 

After years of sacrifice in college she took up her master’s degree, and she earned 33 units in MATEA. 

She also studied at STC-MSU, Marawi City with 24 units earned. 

But to be more confident and knowledgeable, she took up vocational course.

She is a public teacher since 1977, started as provisional then became permanent. 

She rose from Teacher I until she became a Master Teacher I way back 2008. 

On September 9, 2003, she was designated School Principal of Buadababai Primary School. 

She was a Science Teacher in Bayabao Ramain Elementary School. 

As such, she was awarded as Most Outstanding Science Teacher in the year 2003.

Up to the present, Buadababai Primary School, the school that she now heads, is the prime witness of her dedication to move.

True to her struggle in life, she reopened Buad in 2003 in a Marcos-type building built on a lot donated by a local family. 

At the start, it only had Grade I and Grade II pupils but a year later, the school became a full primary school offering Grades I to IV levels.

But the school suffered setback when the lot donor suddenly took back the land and the school had to hold classes in residential houses of community folks supportive to the continuity of the school.

But by the help of the local government unit in Ditsaan Ramain, and the kind heartedness of the late Macasundig Naga whose family donated a lot for the school, Buadababai Primary School has now a three-room building of its own completed in 2011. 

And by the help of her supportive teachers, it was now a school with bright future. 

Hard work, dedication are her keys in life that’s why until now she stands still to achieve her desire to become the school principal of Buadababai Primary School and dreams to elevate the school from a primary to an elementary school.

Much has been said, but by the way this woman I am talking about is Mrs. Samirah M. Sarip. 

Samirah is married to Maunara Abedin Sarip and t
hey are blessed with seven children.

With a power to survive and never give up… Never say never to her!

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