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Crisis in culture

Sometimes, we couldn’t help but feel sad on how fellow Maranaos treat their brothers in tribe.

It isn’t unusual if you hear a Maranao telling a brethren “darkadenakimada so ka-memeranawina,” meaning “Maranaoism isn’t yet gone from you,” when the latter has done something not good. Which seems that to be a Maranao is so bad.

We clearly understand this trait for the education many of us receive and the surrounding we are exposed to teach us to look up to Manila as an extension of the West that is most advanced and civilized.

Such education and environment somehow tells us that it is a curse to be a Maranao who sticks to his own culture instead of living like a westerner, whether right or wrong.
And because of that, we do seldom listen to what our own culture teaches us no matter how best it is than the West.

So if Manila is corrupt, it follows we should be corrupt too. If Manila does not love us Maranaos, we should not also love the Maranaos. Subhanallaaah!

And therefore, since The New Ranao Star is not of Manila’s or the West’s but of Ranao’s whose people are considered mere cultural and social climber to reach Manila style of living, who cares if The New Ranao Star has been fooled or abused or violated or trampled down by these social climber Maranaos.

But then, The New Ranao Star is a legal entity, operating under and protected by the laws of the Philippines and has the right to bring to court any violation of its right.

So we wish to appeal to our beloved friends who entered into contract of space placement with us but instead of complying with its terms just mock and want to destroy the only community paper and of those behind to please abide with the contract terms and conditions.

The Ranao Star is your voice.
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