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Marawi City

The West District supervisor of Marawi City schools division belied report that she was keeping silent on the decision of the division in not proclaiming the over-all winner of the Marawi City Boy Scout jamboree held last month after its Board of Judges had announced her district as the Over-All Champion.

In an exclusive interview, West District Supervisor Pecson Faidah S. Barodi said the decision not to proclaim the winner was unfair.

She said it suppressed the right of the district, especially its principals, teachers and students who had worked hard in preparation of the activity to gain that coveted award.

Barodi said they had to fight for their right for, if not, “this will be a great demoralizing factor that the next time around, our teachers and students will not work hard believing that even if we win again, we cannot get it, and that we don’t fight for our right.”

“So we must fight for our right,” said Barodi, “wherever we reach.”

It shall be recalled that the jamboree’s Board of Judges reported that the over-all champion was the West District based on their computation.

But this decision was questioned by Ramla Paporo Radia, principal of Marawi Pilot Central Elementary School, saying there was no proper tallying of the scores by the judges.

Radia’s complaint apparently became the reason for withholding the proclamation of the over-all winner, for which it was questioned by West District officials.

Among them was Alimbsar P. Sarip, principal of Sikap Elementary School, one of the schools under the jurisdiction of West District.

Sarip was the first school official in the West District to publicly air disappointment on the matter.

Sarip told The New Ranao Star as published in its previous issue that the mere informal complaint of a principal of the host district cannot be a basis for withholding the proclamation of the Over-All Winner of the BSP Jamboree after the Board of Judges had officially announced it.

He said the award is very important to them because it is the first time the West District had won in such a competition.

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