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Teachers in the West District of Marawi City schools division cried foul on the city division’s decision to withhold proclamation of the championship of last month’s city BSP Jamboree due to unjustified hullabaloo.

 A school principal in the West district of Marawi City schools division called “unfair and unjust” the decision of the city division to hold in abeyance the proclamation of the over-all winner of early last month’s Marawi City Boy Scout Jamboree just because of what he said an unjustified informal protest from one principal in the host district.

It shall be recalled that the Board of Judges’ decision for the over-all championship of the jamboree was in favour of the West District.

The Division’s management however held in abeyance the proclamation allegedly because of an informal petition of one school principal by the name of RamlaPaporoRadia.

Radia complained against the  Board of Judges’ decision which gave the over-all championship to the West District.

She alleged that the host district should have been the champion but due to one-sided and biased decision of Supervisor ZaynabManalondong, a member of the Board appointed by the Divison, the North District did not get it.

Principal Alimbsar P. Sarip of West District’s Sikap Elementary School said “if there was really anomaly in the decision of the Board of Judges or any of its members as Radia alleged, the division management should look into it and re-canvass or recount the tally reports if needed so that the true winner be proclaimed instead of holding it hanging in the air as if these people could not accept that the West District really wins.”

“The division has to decide instead of hanging it and sacrificing fairness and justice just because of an informal complain of one principal,” Sarip stressed.

He said “we are seriously concerned because this is the first time that West District has won the championship which we could not even get just because of an unjustified complaint of a principal who even claimed to be host of the activity.“

The New Ranao Star was able to ask one division official who preferred not to be named.
She said the decision of the judges was questioned by Radia because it was influenced by an official of West District.

When asked if it is the District Supervisor herself, she said no, but one official of the district.
Meanwhile, West District Supervisor Hjh. FaidahPecson S. Barodi said no comment when asked by The New Ranao Star.

She said just to wait for the time being and to hope that the over-all championship in the BSP Jamboree will soon be announced.

Marawi City division of schools is headed by Superintendent Mona Macatanong. It is separate from the Lanaodel Sur three divisions. RSO
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