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Where to channel Zaqah?

Islam has made it incumbent upon the well-to-do Muslims to give Zaqah exclusively intended for the benefit of those who belong to what they call the eight sinip.

In Zaqah, certain amount or portion is to be deducted from net income of a Muslim in cash, gold, fruits and grains that Islamic government will impose penalty for the failure to pay as it is tax evasion.

This is so because distribution of wealth, especially charity, among the constituents is incumbent upon the Islamic government, and not incumbent upon an organization like what is common among religious personality in the locality, although in other cases, they may be allowed to solicit and distribute.

But as Muslims in this country are not governed by Islam, Zaqah should be preferably entrusted upon a religious leader or organization who lives an unquestionable life, for distribution to those who deserve it.

Zaqah should not be entrusted to any group organized for greed of money and power.

It is a fact that there are Ulama organizations who are enslaved by political bigotry. That is why some of them are found working as puppet of this politician, and others of that politician.

And as such these Ulama interpret Islam more to please their political masters rather than to please Allah, their Creator.

They do not deserve to be entrusted the Zaqah for distribution to those who deserve it. They may use it for worldly political aggrandizement.
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