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President, DPS-PTCA

One school — though it is not yet an elementary — that has a distinctive characteristic among its peers in the locality is the Dilimbayan Primary School (DPS) located at Dilimbayan, Ramain Bubong in the municipality of Bubong, Lanao del Sur.

Its strategic location being very near to adjacent neighbour Barangay Bago-Ingud of Ditsaan Ramain municipality has made it accessible not only for children from Bubong Municipality particularly Barangay Ramain Bubong but also from the town of Ditsaan Ramain.

The Dilimbayan Primary School is formerly known as Lilod-a-Bubong Primary School situated at Barangay Ramain Bubong, Bubong, Lanao del Sur.

It was established in 1970 attached to the Bubong Elementary School in the Municipality of Bubong.

The pioneer teachers were Sarah Sumayan, Pagiro Ibra and Tominatas Punguinagina under Principal Ariraya Benito with Supervisor Ata Bayabao of Bubong District I.

In 1978, it was named Dilimbayan Primary School with teachers namely: Sittie Maminta, Tominatas Punguinagina and Pagiro Ibra under Mamosao Macabangon, Principal of Bubong elementary School.

The same teachers continued until 1990 to 2002.

In 2003, Maguidala Saidona became the Head Teacher of the school. In 2005, he was replaced by Linang Cadabok. In 2008, Bagobai D. Solaiman was designated Head Teacher until her retirement in 2013.

Thereafter, Ms. Almaira B. Alangadi was designated Head Teacher with the following teachers under her:

Amera B. Alangadi, Grade I; Sohra P. Bubong, Grade II; Bairona Rashid, Pre-School.

The land where the school is located was donated by Mangondaya Solaiman. It is bounded on the West by the land owned by Macapundag Aroon, on the east by land owned by Buat Malawani, on the north by Dilabacun Abdul and on the south by Mangondaya Dilumba.

The pupils are now housed at a portion of the dilapidated building granted by the then Ministry of Public works and Highways last 1987 through the initiative of the late Governor Mamintal Adiong Sr., who was then Deputy Minister at the time.

The other building which is provided by the Social Fund of the President is used as office of the Head Teacher, a library and a prayer room.


Since the establishment of the Dilimbayan Primary School, a community association of the parents and teachers is being organized by the every head teacher assigned in the school.

Named Dilimbayan Primary School Parent-Teacher Community Association (DPS-PTCA), different presidents and officers have run it at different times.

Members of the PTCA include one Kagawad representing the Barangay Local Board of Barangay Ramain Bubong.

From June 2008 until the retirement of OIC-Principal Bagobai D. Solaiman, Ms. Almaira Alangadi has done acts appreciated by the constituents of the community, which made her best suited to be the Head Teacher of the school.

Now Ms. Alangadi, the PTCA and the Barangay School Board are in active partners for the upliftment of the standard of the educational development of the enroled pupils.

The present pupils numerically have increased as she is always in proper observation of the teacher’s roles defined in the Civil Service Omnibus Rules and Regulations.

She also implements government working hours religiously.

Moreover, she is well-acquainted with the values and characteristics of the parents of the pupils and entire constituents residing at Ramain Bubong, Lanao del Sur.

Also, she has exposure to the higher-ups leading to consistency of her acts to the policies of the DepEd level head officials.

Alangadi’s leadership is well appreciated. The PTCA and the community in general hope that she will continue to be with them for “better educational development of our sons and daughters and the school at large.”

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