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Ambor Memorial National High School in focus

Taraka, Lanao del Sur

First Part
The Owners

The AMBOR Family is a royal and well-respected family in Lanao del Sur. They are direct descendants of Balindong and Pindawa dawaoray of Masiu.

During the Japanese period Radianggaos Ambor was enthroned as the “Datu a Cabogatan as Masiu” on one of the “Panoroganan sa Ranao “ member’s of the Sapolo ago nem a panoroganan sa Ranao. Because he became a good leader the Japanese Colony appointed him as the first President of the Municipality of Taraka, Lanao del Sur. (Mayor known as a President during that time.) The following years, he was promoted also as “SULUTAN SA MASIU” for almost 20 years. The Leadership of Radianggaos Ambor became a good example to mankind.

As the years pass by, during the first establishment of Election Voting in Lanao, Sultan Macapanton Ambor was the first elected Mayor of Taraka, Lanao del Sur in the year 1959 – 1965. He was then enthroned as the AKILA of Sultan sa Masiu and Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu. His son former Mayor Ambung D. Ambor was also elected as Mayor of Taraka Lanao del Sur during the year 1988 – 2004. The leadership of the Ambors former Mayors in Taraka Lanao del Sur served as the one of the best and remarkable history of Taraka Lanao del Sur.

To continue serving the good people of Taraka Lanao del Sur, the son of former mayor Sultan Macapanton Ambor; Sultan sa Bubong a Masiu Mamarinta Daguianan Ambor – ALHADJA and hid betterhalf. Hadja Sittie Rocania Mautante Mangata Ambor daughter of former mayor of Taraka Lanao del Sur Sultan Lumna M. Mangata (one of the best mayor of Lanao during Martial Law). They established a secondary school inorder to continue the legacy of these parents; they named it AMBOR Memorial National High School located at Dimayon Taraka Lanao del Sur. Under the Supervision of their daughter Principal Rakima Ambor Mama-o.

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