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GSP national officials appreciate Lanao Sur girl scouts

National officials of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) had appreciated the performances of local girls saying “the beauty of Mindanao is revealed in one night by the young girls through their performance.”

Atty. Susan N. de los Reyes, GSP national secretary and training committee, and Myra Contessa D. Sarmenta, GSP assistant national executive director, were here for the GSP Western Mindanao 3rd Regional Committee Meeting held at Noramis Function Hall on December 15.

In a press conference, the officials told the media that they were inspired to be here but lamented that what the outside world know about Mindanao is far from the reality.

De los Reyes said, “The girls were transformed, and they can help promote the region (Mindanao) as a peaceful place with so much to boost of and offer to tourism industry.”

Sarmenta on the other hand said the girls can help in promoting the economy of Mindanao and in showing the world that Mindanao is not really that bad as portrayed outside.

The meeting was hosted by Lanao del Sur and Marawi City GSP Council headed by Lanao del Sur I-A schools division superintendent Normillah Pangandaman who was not able to be actively around.

The council’s leadership, however, was represented by Hadja Pharida L. Sansarona (photo left above), Lanao del Sur schools division I-B superintendent.
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