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By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.
The eight Rotary Clubs of Iligan turned over about 25 thousand books and learning materials to the Division of City Schools last January 10 during a formal ceremony at the Iligan City National High School Audtorium.

According to Chairman of the Council of Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of Iligan and Suarez Barangay High School Principal Dr. Rosemarie Ann M. Saavedra, the books were donated by Children International of Kansas City, U.S.A.

She came to know about Children International, an organization that helps children and families struggling in terrible poverty through Rotarian Nick Vinci, a trucking service cargo forwarder.

It was learned that Children International has been bringing real and lasting changes in the lives of children living in poverty for the last 75 years in partnership with contributors.

Sometime toward the end of last year Dr. Saavedra wrote Children International to solicit the materials which promptly came on January 10, about 2 months after.

The books and learning materials were valued at 12 Thousand Dollars and the Rotary Clubs of Iligan spent 20 Thousand Pesos in freight handling expenses.

These were brought to Iligan City National High School in a 40 feet long container van.

The materials consist of textbooks, reference books, home reading books, teachers’ manuals, handbooks and students’ workbooks.

These were formally turned over by Rotary District Governor George Hamoy to Assistant Division Superintendent Dr. Olga C. Alunsabe, Ph.D, on behalf of the Division of City Schools of Iligan.

Dr. Saavedra told newsmen that the materials were apportioned to 10 schools adopted by the eight Clubs under the Iligan Books for School Project of the Rotary Clubs of Iligan.
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