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Kining Primary School also receives Aral Kits from 3rd Cavalry Squadron

Another school in the municipality of Kapai that availed of Project Shoebox is the Kining Primary School headed by the principal of Dimagalin Elementary School, Mrs. Naira M. Lantong, who is also in-charge of the primary school.

A simple program conducted was as follows:

Singing of national anthem by Ms. Rohaida A. Calauto;

Invocation by Ustadz Najer Paca;

Welcome Remarks by Mrs. Asnorah U. Mangurun, Barangay Chairwoman of Kining, Kapai, Lanao del Sur;

Message by LTC Leonidas L. Hidalgo CAV (GSC) PA, Squadron Commander, 3rd Cavalry Squadron, MID, PA;

Symbolic distribution of Aral Kits by LTC Hidalgo, assisted by the School Principal;

Closing Remarks by Mrs. Naira M. Lantong, Dimagalin Elementary School.


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