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Oddity in the Maranao Society

They said it is an odd and a weird country.

Where anarchy almost reigns.

Every one can do anything possible under the sun and still lives like a straight man — as if holy, son of God.

That’s the Maranao country, the once vast Maranao homeland which is now compressed to Marawi City and Lanao del Sur only, thanks to politicians who divided it for political ambitions.

Especially if one has the guns and goons, no private person can dare challenge him, his oddness and weirdness.

Too difficult to publicly voice out that what he’s doing is against the law and morality — illegal, illicit, immoral.

Life is too precious to be lost just to say a warning.

Gone are the heroes, the sabeers who died for the sake of God and countrymen.

“Da a kiyabantugan a koba,” so now they say.

Nobody would like to die nowadays for the sake of God and the future of our country — or the future of the Maranao People.

Nobody believes anymore in religion, true Islam, which strictly commands to enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong.

Nobody believes anymore in jihad, the way of our ancestors, that blessed us as a people undefeated and un-subjugated by foreign invaders.

Islam today does no longer give priority to jihad, to moral values, to all those sacrifices enjoined by Allah which the Sahaba followed and made them victorious.

It isn’t easy to accept that but it’s the reality.

It’s hurting to say it in public for seldom would accept such depiction of lot today.

We have been hoping that law-enforcers could truly help in reforming our society.

We have been hoping that the military, the police, the NBIs, and all other law-enforcement agents can truly do their job religiously.

Doing it religiously will help the political leaders in doing their job religiously too, that is if they will not be untouchables any longer.

And so all other public servants working in various branches and agencies of the government will also do their job religiously. And also the hard and soft criminals alike.

For this reason, we have strongly high hopes to the 103rd Brigade under Col. Glenn Macasero, the Lanao del Sur Provincial Police Office under PSSupt. Nickson Mucksan, and the Marawi City Police office under PSupt. Al-Abner W. Santos.

We know they are doing their job well for which we congratulate them.

We know also other law-enforcement agencies like the NBI, the PDEA and others performing good job.

But we would like to continue seeing these law-enforcement agencies as un-prone or indispensable to any kind of influence, political, material or anything otherwise. We would like them not to be compromised in lieu of the good job.

This way, the Maranao society can truly be reformed and become partners in nation-building. TNRS

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