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Samer boys strike again: 16 scales destroyed

Marawi City 

The Office of the Market Superintendent (OMS) confiscated Wednesday, March 13, sixteen units of kilogram scales from vendors in Padian (market area) and subsequently destroyed them in front of a cheering crowd.

Following instruction from the Superintendent Samer Salic Market, Market Commander PO1 Saprola Poca-an Batalo, Salic Macarambon PO1, PO2 Alano Osop Dayo, and accompanied by officials including OMS Jaw Pangarungan, Azraf, Faiz, Marangit conducted the operation, and members of the press. 

The defective weighing devices were confiscated from vendors rice particularly in the vicinity  of the Sultan, Camarine, Guindolongan, Bo. Naga, Tuwaka Laput, Bacarat as well as the Padian fruit section. 

On March 7, the provincial office of the National Food Authority (NFA) wrote a letter to the Market Superintendent seeking help in the Implementation of the Philippine Grains Standardization Program.

In the letter, Hadja Sittienaidah D. Sampaco, NFA provincial manager, said "... despite of our Several Reminders of the rice retailers in your jurisdiction, They not always follow the Following, to wit: 

"1. NFA rice retailing have no license 

"2. Non-renewal of license NFA 

"3. No. TAG proper price, They have to use kilograms not Ganta 

"4. Use of white painted rice box not" basin " 

"5. Assessment of actual capitalization of grains businessmen." 

The operation was not the first. 

Salic said the operation is conducted regularly to protect the interest and welfare of the buying public from being cheated by deceitful vendors. 

Similar operations were conducted OMS where many scales were confiscated and destroyed market but authorities said there are still hard-headed crooks still doing the same unscrupulous activities.

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