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The Return

After an absence of more or less around 7 years “Inkblots” is making a comeback, although under another, more updated name. I might change the name again. But readers will still be getting my short takes on what’s happening around here and beyond. Now the next hurdle will be figuring out how I will keep the ball rolling, regularly.


Now that the recent ARMMAA has concluded, here’s my post-mortem view of the of the fiasco concerning the vendors who have attempted to cash in on the event (and failed). While we do feel sorry for the losses they incurred (some have reportedly made a line to the pawnshops and loan sharks to get capital) these vendors did not take into consideration that the delegations have food budgets (someone I know said that a delegation even brought 11 sacks of rice with them to Marawi) or have had their meals catered. Another observation was that the vendors were selling the same things like pater, boiled eggs, bihon, and cases of soft drinks. There were mixed reports as to how much these vendors have paid for a stall. Lesson: make sure that your business is feasible and get vital and exact information before putting up even a short term business.


The traffic in Marawi City has become an almost every day occurrence. Too many cars? Or too few roads? Or too many ill-disciplined drivers? Shall we have number coding? The whole thing could turn out worse than EDSA in a few years. Maybe it’s time we have a flyover or two here, and stricter rules against bad drivers and unregistered vehicles.


About the fracas regarding Janet Napoles of the Pork Barrel Scam, Deniece Cornejo and Roxanne Cabanero of Vhong Navarro fame, I only have one thing to say and I think this picture (inset) says it all:

Bigyan ng Utak!

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