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Bureau Chief, Iligan and Lanao del Norte

The Director of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) of Iligan hopes that the leaders of the city will soon unite for the sake of the people.

In an interview with this writer last week, City Director Emilio T. Rana said that his office is working hard attending to people who come telling their sad stories of problems unattended by the local government.

He said that his time is mostly spent entertaining Barangay Officials who came to his Office concerning various problems that had been around long before he got this assignment.

Rana observed that many basic services need attention such as water, garbage disposal, medical services and medicines and many others that one can see by using “sentido common” or common sense.

He laments that because of too much partisan politics the leaders of the City are bickering among themselves instead of finding solutions to the worsening problems.

“Even more discouraging is that some Radiomen are lambasting one another due to evident partisanship.” He said.

He likened governance to that of keeping a family – once the parents are always fighting, nothing good will happen to the family and the children suffer.

He hopes that someday, with common sense, the leaders will realize that they have a duty to perform and that is to deliver basic services to the people.

Rana’s comments come amidst the worsening conflict between the Chief Executive and the Legislative branch of the local government.

It has been noted that 9 months after the elected officials of 2013 assumed office, the Mayor has not called a meeting with the Vice Mayor and the Sangguniang Panglunsod.

It appears that the Mayor is still in a period of adjustment and the Sangguniang Panglunsod has not known, understood and accepted the goals and objectives of the Chief Executive.

As of late the members had filed several cases against the City Mayor and the latter has also filed cases against all but two of the members of the Sangguniang Panglunsod.

Meanwhile, the people remain waiting for adequate delivery of basic services.

Rana lamented that Iligan is a City of Waterfalls but many households have no water.

He mentioned that in a visit to barangay Santa Elena residents are complaining for lack of water.

He also learned that some houses built for Sendong victims in Bayanihan Village have been sold by the beneficiaries. RANAO STAR

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