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The Marawi City police forces had rounded up and arrested five suspects in illegal drug related cases and seized some 25 karera machines in the Lumber area, the notorious district in the city boulevard near Padian on Sunday, April 13.

Acting City police chief PCI April Lou M. Palma, said two of his men in plainclothes went to the Lumber area to follow up carnap suspects in the morning of that day.

He said when his men arrived at the area, a gay approached them offering to sell them shabu. After identifying themselces as police, the gay tried to run away but was overtaken by the law enforcers.

At this instance, a motor-riding man with pistol came and introduced himself as an MILF member. There and then, the police called for a back up and accosted the motor-riding man who immediately ran away towards the shanties in the vicinity.

The police chased him and everytime they opened house they saw people either using shabu and/or gambling in karera machines inside.

The police held four suspects and seized 25 karera machines and were brought to the police station for questioning. RANAO STAR

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