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The Regional Assessment Team (RAT) of the Department of Interior and Local Governments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DILG-ARMM) has visited the Municipality of Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur to assess and evaluate the municipality in its bid for the seal of good local governance having been included in the eleven municipalities of ARMM nominated to the prestigious grant. 

In the morning of Sunday, June 8, the visiting RAT arrived in the municipality and were met by local officials led by Mayor Ali Untao Adiong at the town hall. 

The team was accompanied by DILG Lanao del Sur provincial director Faisal Sani. 
Top municipal officials of Ditsaan Ramain were interviewed and asked by the Regional Assessment Team of DILG-ARMM to present documents concerning the day-to-day operations of the municipal government whether the government policies and programs were implemented.

The officials had answered all queries of the team. 

Almost all documents needed were presented and complied with except a couple or a few which would follow before final submission to the regional office. 

Most documents were posted conspicuously so the public may know.

The Seal of Good Local governance was formerly known as Seal of Good Housekeeping. 

It is a manifestation that a local government adheres to its mandate, thereby religiously performing what is expected of it and is complying with the standard of governance as set forth and stipulated by DILG and by statutes or laws.

It is a manifestation, too, that the local government is implementing the policies and programs of the national government for the advancement of the interest of the country and of the municipality in particular.

The seal carries with it a certain cash amount for development as an award for job very well done. Also, it includes the beneficiary among municipal governments to receive priority projects. A few towns in Lanao del Sur have already been given the seal.

Ditsan Ramain is one of the oldest towns in the province. It was first created as as a municipal district called Ditsaan in 1903 during the American occupation.

Sultan Bayabao Minodar was appointed the first head which was then called municipal president of the municipality.

Then Ditsaan municipal district had five other municipal districts under its domains. They are what we call now Kapai, Bubong, Tagoloan, and Buadipuso Bunong.

The municipality of Ditsaan Ramain is home of Maranao leaders both in national, regional and provincial levels like the Alontos, the Adiongs, among others. 

Almost all Maranao leaders are connected in Ditsaan Ramain by blood or affinity.


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