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Dr. Diron, the man behind City East District

Dr. Sadrodin Diron
Marawi City

The man behind the biggest district of Marawi City schools division is an achiever and a leader in his own right.
It is due to DR. SADRODIN MAO SUMNDAD DIRON that North District of Marawi City schools division is known to be a competitive district in the province if not in the entire ARMM, both in academic and outdoor activities.

Knowingly, Dr. Diron is a native of the Islamic City. His father and mother, a former schools division superintendent and a graduated barangay chairwoman respectively, are all residents of the said city. Of course, the family has genealogical relations in other towns such as the municipalities of Saguiaran and Ditsaan-Ramain, among others.

Dr. Diron, a holder of Doctor of Philosophy, is a dedicated employee of the Department of Education, Marawi City Division. He is inspired with his work principle, “Work More Than What You are Paid For.”

Diron always emphasized to his constituents against absenteeism, tardiness and similar destructive work attitude.

The district supervisor rose from the ranks. He started from being Teacher I, Principal I, II, and III to District Supervisor as his present position.

He had also been designated with important functions such as Division Planning Officer and Liaison Officer of the Division respectively.

Among the highlights of his experiences, accomplishments and awards obtained/received are the following:

Baccalaureate Degree – Cum Laude
Rank 2nd on Competitive Test with Interview for Teachers: Applicants
Demonstration Teacher
Champion Coach for Hekasi (Division Level)
School Administrators Quiz Bee Champion
Recipient for NEAP Program
Outstanding District Supervisor (Several Times)
Outstanding District Commissioners
Training Director for Moral Recovery Program (District Level)
Guest Lecturer on some Occasions
Former MACIPUSTEA President
Present Regional Vice President of ARMM-PSTA for Mainland Divisions
Present Regional Vice Governor in Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippines Eagles) for ARMM-1
Present President of Ranao Eagles Club.


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