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Kidnapper yields to Makiling intercession

By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.

The kidnapper who held a businessman for almost a month released his victim and surrendered to a joint police-military operation in Dalama, Munai, Lanao del; Norte after hours of negotiation with a respected politician in the municipality.

Nabid Balua who reportedly kidnapped John Kevin Montejas somewhere in Lamalama, Tubod, Lanao del Norte early last month released his victim together with several women and children held hostage in a house in Dalama, Munai, Lanao del Norte after 12 hours of negotiation with former Mayor and Board Member Casan Maquiling last May 31.

A source said that Esmeralda Montejas, the victim's mother sought the intercession of Maquiling when she learned that his son together with women and children were held hostage in a house surrounded by policemen and soldiers.

It was learned that a joint police-military operation was immediately launched when the kidnapping was first reported.

Last May 30. the victim was found and surrounded by elements of the joint police-military force in the said house.

The operation was hampered by the hostage-taking.

Finally, the kidnap victim and the hostages were released unharmed as Balua surrendered..

It was said that the kidnapper had many past brushes with the law and some people in the community consider him a notorious element..

Many community leaders thanked Maquiling for his successful efforts.

They said that bad elements must be neutralized because this bring a bad image to the Maranao tribe.


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