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MARAWI CITY, June 27 - The Grand Mufti of the Philippines, Sheik Murad Amanudin, officially announced today (8:35 PM GMT +8) that the new moon has not been sighted this evening and therefore the month of Sha'ban will be completed 30 days on Saturday and the fasting month of Ramadhan shall start Sunday, June 29.

Amanudin made the announcement over Ranao Radio and TV 13 here in the presence of religious leaders representing almost all Ulama groups in the country after no one has confirmed to have sighted the appearance of the new moon. There was also no report that officially declared in nearby Muslim countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia that the new moon was seen.

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, the League of Masheik in the Philippines, the Ulama League of the Philippines, the Marawi City Ulama League and other professional, religious and frequency groups are united in searching for the new moon to determine when to start fasting.

Amanudin said all those tasked and those who volunteered have officially reported that the new moon was not sighted in all parts of the country.

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