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By Frank E. Dosdos Jr., Sita Asequia & Bonita Ermac 

ILIGAN CITY, June 14 — The back rider of two unidentified men riding in tandem on a motorcycle shot at close range a retired policeman in Iligan at about 8:20 o'clock yesterday morning.

Eyewitnesses said that the victim was driving his motorcycle toward the city proper along Mariano Ll. Badelles Street near the corner of Bonifacio Drive when the motorcycle bearing the assailant drove abreast of him.

The gunman fired from the left of the victim hitting him behind the left ear, eyewitnesses said.

Newsmen gathered at the scene saw the victim lying on his back with a pool of fresh blood near his head.

Crime scene investigators found that the bullet wound exited at the right side of the head.

An empty Caliber .45 shell was found in the scene.

Investigators also found a bundle of paper bills tied together with a shoelace that counted to P60 thousand pesos.

The victim was identified as one Richard Bugtoan, a retired policeman.

It was learned that the victim opted to retire 5 years ago.

A source informed that the victim was employed as a Sgt. ar Arms of the Sangguning Panglunsod of Iligan at the time of his death.

Investigators are still looking into the motive of the killing and who were the assailants.

Newsmen covering the police beat are losing count of the unsolved killings in Iligan.

Recently Sr. Inspector Besares was also gunned down by two unidentified men who fled riding in tandem on a motorcycle.

A PNP Spokesman called the Besares shooting an isolated case.

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