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The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) that includes the scenic Islamic City of Marawi City is consistently reported by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) to be the poorest region in the country.

Obviously, economic opportunities available elsewhere in the country are rare in the region. There is no showing that low literacy rate is one of the reasons for the lack of opportunities. In fact, Maranaos and other ARMM tribes also excel academically anywhere. Some enterprising ones have become rich businessmen in other places outside of ARMM.

The occurrence of job vacancies in government agencies within the region is supposed to be always welcome by the unemployed. It provides a means to rise a little bit higher from the penurious living conditions where they are presently situated.

Thus, when job vacancies within the City of Marawi are publicized outside of the province and the ARMM, local inhabitants are exposed to outside competition. Of course, positions requiring special professional skills and experience such as Medical Specialists may not be filled up by manpower available in the province. Iligan is also experiencing difficulty in hiring such highly skilled professionals because the government service usually offer compensation packages lower than those of the private sector.

However, for positions requiring elementary and high school graduates, perhaps the announcement of vacancies may only be confined within the province. Certainly, there are plenty of job-seeking individuals of such educational levels available around.


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