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After over a year since the murder of a radioman in Iligan City, the Regional Trial Court of Lanao del Norte, Branch 04, finally issued a Warrant of Arrest against the accused police officer who is said to be a close-in bodyguard of the City Mayor and no bail was allowed for the temporary liberty of the accused pending trial of the case.

Judge Concordio Y. Baguio of the Court issued the Warrant for the Arrest of PO1 Pejay Capangpangan, a member of the Iligan Police Office and known to be a close-in bodyguard of Mayor Celso G. Regencia.

It may be recalled that Radioman Fernando “Nanding Solijon” was shot dead in the evening of August 29 last year at Purok 1, Buruun, Iligan City, while approaching his car parked nearby after some drinks in the house of a friend in the place.

Solijon was a hard-hitting commentator whom the public knew had been lambasting the Mayor in the few days immediately before his death.

According to the National Beureau of Investigation witnesses identified the accused as one of the assailants while the other was found dead with a bulltet wound on the C-3 Road in Merila, Ubaldo Laya, next day.

The preliminary investigation was conducted by a panel of prosecutors at the Regional Prosecutors Office that resulted in the filing of a Murder case against the accused before the Court a few months after the killing.

However, it was reported that the accused who claimed to be away from the scene of the murder at the time of the commission of the crime questioned the jurisdiction of the regional prosecutors considering that the alleged crime happened in Iligan.

The case was elevated to the Department of Justice and finally the instant case was filed before the RTC of Lanao del Norte.

It took quite sometime for the RTC Judge to issue the Warrant of Arrest as he had to make a careful review of the records of the case.

Melie, Solijon’s wife, reportedly called the issuance of the Warrant of Arrest against the accused as an answer for her prayers that justice will prevail over Nanding’s death.

As of press time, the whereabouts of the accused is still unknown.


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