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Materials exchange ends in nothing

Substitution of computer supplies requisitioned by the City Social Services and Development (CSWD) sometime in August or September 2012 may have resulted to nothing, a source who was once working in the said department revealed.

According to the source who requested anonymity for obvious reasons, the department requisitioned assorted computer consumables amounting to about P72,550.

The source gave Ranao Star a copy of the Request for Quotation issued by the General Services Office covering the said materials.

As soon as the Purchase Order (P.O.) for the said procurement requisition (PR) was awarded to the Supplier, the representative of the end-user allegedly made it appear on paper that she received the materials requisitioned but actually opted to substitute the items with two laptops.

The said laptops were allegedly hidden under the desk of one of the trusted employees of the said department.

However, the source added that the said laptops were stolen probably by an insider because no break-ups of the doors and windows of the said Office were observed.

According to the source, the stealing of the two laptops was not reported to the police and everything was allegedly put under wraps.

The source explained that she did not squeal when the incident happened for fear of retribution as she was still working in the department at the time.

She said that she had a personal knowledge of the alleged material substitution because she happened to be directly involved in the processing of the said PR.

During the last days of the Cruz administration, the said department featured in an inquiry conducted by then Councilor Chonilo Ruiz following reports that about 40 10-kilo bags of rice intended for Sendong survivors were loaded in the service vehicle of Dangpanan sa Kabataan one early morning and brought to an unknown destination.

Councilor Ruiz reportedly instructed the employees responsible to return or replace the missing bags of rice.

It was never known if the bags of rice were ever returned or replaced until Ruiz bowed down from Office on June 30, 2013 or afterward.

Recently, reports reaching this paper disclosed that the budget of the Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) is rapidly dwindling as expenses that have nothing to do with CICL are being charged to the Budget of the said Service Unit without prior knowledge or permission of the personnel in-charge of the said Unit. 


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