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Ulama unify in support of peace process

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur, Aug. 26 (PIA) --- Muslim scholars and members of the religious sector in the province gathered here on Sunday, August 24, to unify themselves in backing the peace initiatives for Mindanao.

Alim Abdul Hannan M. Tago, one of the speakers during 2nd Ulama Summit Conference, said that “the religious scholars have to be united first before they can unify all the Muslims in the region.”

Thus, the Muslim religious scholars who attended the summit unanimously agreed to reject disagreement, disunity and create appropriate solutions to any problem that may occur.

They also expressed optimism that the Bangsamoro cause will effect a just and lasting peace not just in the region but in the whole country as well.

“Once there is peace and order in the region, it will also give peace not just to the adjoining regions but in the country as a whole because whether we like it or not, when there is no peace in Mindanao, there is no peace in the Philippines as well,” said Dr. Saffrullah Dipatuan, chairman of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) and 2nd Chief of Staff of the Office of the 2nd Vice-Chairman MILF Central Committee.

Accordingly, the success of the peace process is not only the success of the MILF and the national government but also Bangsamoro people in general.

Alim Tago thus inspired everyone to be sincere in supporting the peace process in order to have a lasting peace in the country.

He said the cooperation of the Bangsamoro people is highly significant in making the peace process a success.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dipatuan emphasized that sustainable peace will spur economic development in the region as this will more attract investors. (Johaniah N. Yusoph/APB/PIA-10 Lanao del Sur)

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