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Assistant Schools Division Superintendent
Lanao del Sur-I


The Continuous existence and production of half-baked college graduates gradually cripple the Nation’s possible chances to achieve quality Education and the absence of dedicated service to the people, We are Threatening the supposed brighter future of the succeeding generation and their children’s children. these un noticed factor are, perhaps, contributory to the educational problems enumerated below. Because of this, Every concerned educator, School Administrator and citizen of this land is sincerely invited to take a serious look at the following possible hindrances and problems to achieve quality education;

1. POLITICAL INTERFERENCE, The recent Election clearly tell us that promises here and there were uttered by politicians before the electors, I believe that one of the promised positions was teaching. This might be true because position was teaching. This might be true the highest number of college graduates in the community come from the education sector .Fresh from my memory when one professor asked in our masteral comprehensive exam a query: every year the Philippines schools release thousands of college graduates in Education, Yet this country is still in need of quality Teachers:” The former dean of college of Education was, in this regard, after of our rationale. YES, if we look around we evidently see the kind of products and outputs which most of our schools produce every graduation day. Even the promotion of school administrative are adversely penetrated by the filthy winds of politics.

2. KUMPADRE SYSTEM, Relation by affinity is the key fsctor that puts more oil to make the deal run faster so that one can be employed on time as new member of the teaching force .Is this the reason why we have some products of make believe? Or is this the pretense which poorly proves many streamers and congratulations fruitless and undignified? Well ,let us let those people concerned answer such questions.

3. UTANG NA LOOB, Sense of Gratitude is the equivalent phrase to this express of winning the most honoured profession under the sun. this is of course, in some cases, associated by giving fresh mudfish or any desired offering to somebody over the rainbow. once the gift-giver is promoted to higher post, then it is turn to repay the boss by employing the son or relative.

4. SENSE OF NEPOTISM, This is a kind of playing favorites extended to relatives by employing said relatives to position directly under the boss ,being the manager of the agency. This undesirable practice seems to be institutionalized in the community. Thus several incompetent figures are now parading in recess and pleasures without thinking of the general welfare of their people.

5. UNDER-THE –TABLE-DEAL, Wheeling is the common term for this genre of seeking for job or promotion in a certain institution of noblest objectives. This is , perchance . most expensive and most degrading way of job-seeking in the locality . It involves, according to some friends, thirty thousand pounds of perspiration labored by both body and soul of the parents of a poor students graduate. Oh! What a pity. But, the more we express mercy to the supposed products of this victim of such wheeling process because this involves thirty heads or more; It even involves of the entire community.

6. TEACHERS LOW SALARY. Low Salary,Especially at this area of our lifetime, adversely causes dissatisfaction and displeasure which force an employee find another means to earn more order to survive. Thus instead of doing research unauthorized contribution from his students in order to save the family from thirst and hunger.

7. ABSENCE OF SUFFICIENT EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES. A school wanting for enough educational facilities can hardly promote the educational standard and competence of its supposed outputs and products. Compare De La Salle University which has twelve fluorescent lamps in each classroom, with that of an ordinary school wich has only four lighting devices in suchc class. There is realy a different which outright changes the present color of the teaching- situation.

8. THE ABSENCE OF DEMOCRATIC CHOOL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION, Many school in the recent years, If I am right, had been subjects for immediate closure because of lack of good showing during the previuos releases of board examination (or Bar Exam’s) Results ,wich are the clear indicators of lack of scientific or democratic-school administrators are usually found at institution where democratic administration and supervision are wanting. Thus instead of improving classroom instructions thru motivation and incentive, These school managers regress the expected educational achievement of their schools.

9. ABSENCE OF DEMOCRATIC AND RELEVANT SCHOOL RULES.Institutions which are governed by relevant and democratic school rules have often smooth sailing and successful operation .While schools that are run by tradional and irrelevant school rules always suffer the consequences of educational confusion and ruinous disorder, wich hamper the possible accomplishments of these schools.

10. ABSENCE OF INNOVATIVE PLANNING AND PROGRAMING.Evidently,tradional leaders do not welcome innovation in school planning,or programming.Many of them just imitate the fashioned ideas of their friends.they perhaps believe that there are still the best.Or they perchance lack of initiative and open-mindedness.yes there are the people who lack creativity and resourcefulness.

11. THE ABSENCE OF RELEVANT AND RESPONSIVE SCHOOL OBJECTIVE.Becouse of lack of able and competent leaders who are supposed to be wide reader,certain school do not mond to chart their objectives.thus these institution just grope in the dark,Unmindful of their supposed destination and direction .they think,perhaps, discussing lessons in the classrooms,holding teachers conference,attending seminars,and posting notices on the school bulliten board are just enough to make the school constituents busy..waiting for the coming of a memorable and lavish school foundationday.Are these what we call the institution of make believe?

(to be continued)
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