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Marawi City -- Sindaw sa Ranao, Power to the People campaign was launched in the Islamic city's Public Plaza and market proper to capacitate consumers of the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASURECO).

Consumers by law have rights and are part owner of the cooperative because of their contribution. Business establishments were found to be high income contributors but many along the business districts haven't registered yet in the LASURECO.

Even without metering funding downloaded from the Office of the President as provided in its August order, an aggressive information campaign is being conducted in pulong pulongs in Marawi where majority of consumers and business payers are stationed and residing .

Acting General Manager Matanog Mapandi, chairperson of the Task force LASURECO (TFL) was accompanied by his Chiefs, Managers and TFL colleagues, SAKSI Radio led by their president Sultan Musa, Ulama and Army and PNP partners as the LASURECO personnel (Accounts, Metering, Revalidation) go house to house to inventory and check on the status per household.

Each household or electricity user is urged to register in an application form translated in Meranao for better understanding .

Like businesses, LASURECO is buying and paying (contracting for its metering needs) and supposedly earning, but we buy 14 million for energy but only earn 8 million (now 9.3 million as of October) , said Mapandi. Illegal lines (series, jumpers etc) which predominate many streets of certain barangays affect the good paying status of consumers who are affected with systems losses through increase in their bill payments .

Information drive is being conducted in pulong pulongs to combat illegal lines as well. Illegal lines are being disconnected along with barangay personnel such as the BPAT or barangay peacekeeping action teams in Banggolo.

In yesterday's Padian launch attended by presidents of associations, Mayor Sultan Fahad Salic accompanied by the City Treasurer Anggay Abdullah ordered the Market Superintendent Samer Salic, purok and street leaders, business and product organization officers to embark on a visitation and street campaign to inform those with illegal connections as mapped by LASURECO to apply as legitimate consumers.

Fahad Salic served as Market Superintendent for four years in the past and was familiar with the business of stall-owners in using bulbs and lighting that are necessary to the fish and other business in the lake city .

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