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It is heartening to know that negative issues reported by some people about governance in the Municipality of Ditsaan Ramain, Province of Lanao del Sur is not at all true.

Months back, I received an unpublished report from colleagues in Iigan and Cagayan de Oro that the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Ditsaan Ramain was not holding sessions because they were allegedly "disgusted over the municipal mayor."

Some reasons WHY DISGUSTED were given but at this point in time it is not necessary to mention here.

The report did not land in the pages of the print media because my colleagues wanted the report verified first before it would finally be published in their regional daily papers.

I was worried then because at that time, the municipality where many Maranao great leaders hail from, was a nominee for the seal of good local governance. (The town, however, failed to receive the seal but I don't know whether such alleged report was one reason.)

So, to see for myself if indeed there were no sessions being held, I personally visited the SB session hall for three (or was it four?) consecutive Wednesdays and Sundays.

Contrary to the reports, I personally witnessed that the SB had been holding their regular sessions. They discussed and formulated resolutions to curve out problems affecting common interest, or to promote common good.

I believe if such negative report came to the hands of media practitioners, there were people who could not afford to see the good relationship between the local government's executive and the legislative departments of Ditsaan Ramain.

This is unfortunate because if rapport and cooperation between the branches of the local government units is wanting, governance is not so good and the ultimate victim is the community.

One time, I was around when the SB talked about the six barangays reported by the Police to be haven of illegal drug trade. The leadership of the Sanggunian, Vice Mayor Annie Macarampat, took the cudgel of acting on this issue since, as she said, "the Honorable Mayor Adiong is out of town for official trip."

It was evident that the vice mayor was so worried that she had to call all the concerned barangay chairmen to find solution to this problem.

Speaking of the seal of local good governance, the municipality of Ditsaan Ramain does not have effective people who can effectively and reliably perform sensitive jobs especially on financial matters.

It is time Mayor Adiong should look at his people and place qualified personnel in such sensitive positions. The failure to get that coveted award is more than enough to justify a reshuffle.

Maybe the mayor should get productive people, those who know the jobs and perform the duty and responsibility attached to the jobs.

Good governance is not only a case of the municipal government. The barangay local government unit has to do its best in serving the people who placed them in power.

Is every barangay government unit in Lanao del Sur doing its functions and responsibilities as government elected officials?

We will talk about that in one of our next issues. We shall also talk about other municipal government units in the province in our future issues, in sha Allah.

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