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The widow of the late Radioman Fernando “Nanding” Solijon is asking the Supreme Court for the transfer of the venue of the hearing against the accused in her husband’s murder to another Court preferably in Cebu City.

In a letter dated September 26, 2014 to Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Serino, Mely Solijon narrated all the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death and alleged that she “seriously doubts” that she can obtain justice for the death of her husband in Iligan because the accused in her husband’s murder is backed up by a very influential person in the City.

Mely Solijon mentioned a name of a public official in her letter whom she believes is the “mastermind of the whole case.”

She said that she believes almost all of the policemen are under the control and influence of the person whom he believes is the mastermind.

As of this writing nothing was known regarding the reply, if any, of the Supreme Court to the letter of Ms. Melly Solijon.

On the other hand, the accused in the Murder case, a member of the Iligan City Police Station known to be a close-in bodyguard of the top official of the City government remains at large since the issuance of a Warrant for his Arrest about a month ago. – Ranao Star –

The rank and filers were too many to list down.

All enjoyed the food and drinks as they recall their experiences while working in the Plant.

Others exchanged news about what they have been doing since they left the Plant gate years ago.

Also present were former Pasig Plant Manager Ruben Pinaroc who is now with the NSC Liquidator, Kitok Diamante and this writer.

The gathering lasted until late in the afternoon, despite a flash rain, as those who were present seems to hope that the event will not end.

Unfortunately the NSC Rehabilitation Team was not able to come due to sudden change of schedules in Manila, according to Jun Villarta.

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