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The administration of Mujiv Hataman, regional governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) should look into this urgent problem besetting young pupils in Lanao del Sur in order to acquire education.

Pupils in Barangays Dangiprampiai, Ramain Proper and adjacent barangays across the Ramain river in Ditsaan Ramain municipality, Province of Lanao del Sur, have to take a very dangerous dilapidated hanging bridge (left photo) in order to go to school.

Several years back during the time of then Mayor Actar Marmai, I was told, repair of the bridge was initiated after initial funding was released.

But to the surprise of the constituents, it suddenly was stopped.

The hanging bridge was built during the administration of Patadatu Bayas whe he was the town mayor, being appointed by the administration of Cory Aquino.

Despite very limited Internal Revenue Allotment in his time, then Mayor Bayas was able to implement some important projects that have been used by the town folks which include this hanging bridge that connects barangays across the rivers which is the most nearest accessible way between the barangays.

Several mayors since then had come and gone but no one had ever initiated to repair it, least maintain it.

A close friend said the repair of the hanging bridge project is one of the many controversial projects in Lanao del Sur undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

We hope the present ARMM administration can look into this and effect an immediate repair for the sake of our children before they (Hataman’s administration) are out sometime next year.

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