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What is happening in Iligan?

Some residents of Iligan are saying that they no longer listen to local radio stations. It was gathered that they are lost on whom to believe because one station is broadcasting news and comments that are entirely opposite to those of others.

Unfortunately, some broadcasters are beyond the influence and control of the Kapisanan ng Mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KBP). They are not also members of Media organizations who follow a strict Code of Ethics. Hence, they are not committed to uphold the truth.

These are the kind of radio personalities who do not cite particular sources of their information making it reasonable for the public to believe that they themselves are the ones concocting or fabricating their story.

Radio Broadcasters can utter defamatory and libelous statements and usually get away with it because the person subjected to their felonious pronouncements cannot offer in evidence a recording of the particular broadcast. Politicians are almost always the victims of such vicious attacks on the radio.

This situation needs the newspapers as the best medium of information. Stories appearing on the pages of newspapers come from authoritative sources Thus, in very rare instances where newspapers happen to publish a story that turns out defective later, it is the source, not the newspaper that would be blamed. In such instances, the story can be corrected once a more authoritative source or document reveal otherwise.

In rare fortuitous events that newspapers publish libelous or slanderous statements, the newspaper itself becomes the evidence. Thus, newspapermen are more careful in writing their stories.

On the other hand, many radiomen, especially those being paid by sponsors are talking over the radio to impress or satisfy their bosses. And they do not adhere to media ethics, much more so that many of them do not have enough training for broadcasting.

Listeners in Iligan observe that almost all but one broadcaster is telling that irregular transactions are being done in the City Hall.

A story that began months ago is still being repetitively told. It is about the allegedly anomalous release of P20.510 Million in Shelter Funds from the DSWD held in trust by the City Government as advance payment to a Roman Catholic Church-based Foundation for the construction of houses for survivors of typhoon Sendong (almost three years ago) who have not been accommodated in permanent shelters until now. The lone opposing Broadcaster is saying that the transaction is in order.

Recently, news broke out that three overpriced generating sets have been delivered to the Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital (GTLMH), City Mayor’s Office and City Engineer’s Office. It was learned that the one delivered to the City Engineer’s Office turned out to be intended for the City Accountant’s Office but temporarily stored at the City Engineer’s Office because there is no space for the equipment at the City Accountant’s Office.

The mysterious thing about the one intended for the City Accountant’s Office is that the City Accountant, allegedly, did not initiate a Purchase Requisition for the said item.

Allegedly, all the Purchase Orders that led to the delivery of the said items were signed by the City Mayor. Fortunately for the taxpayers of Iligan, the generators have not been paid due to the timely discovery by Councilor Usafeno Obial of the overpriced generator and Power House. Obial saw that the Power House looks like a temporary Shade constructed out of G.I. Pipe posts, structural rafters and G.I. Roofings.

Whoever is manipulating the situation is yet to be investigated. And so far, the Mayor has not ordered any investigation on the matter. It seems that some people were able to have the Mayor sign some documents without explaining the contents to him.

On the other hand, the Sangguniang Panlungsod is investigating in aid of legislation what went wrong with existing laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that almost allowed these irregular transactions.

Initially, it gathered that the winning bidder to whom the Purchase Order was issued is not known to the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). Only an unknown representative appeared during the bidding, it was said. Who delivered the goods is not yet clear.

The person who signed the Bid documents of the winning bidder was invited by the SP to appear and answer some questions. However, she did not appear.

A complaint filed against the Head of the BAC Secretariat before the Ombudsman alleged that the Bid Documents submitted by the winning bidder were filled out by the Respondent in her own handwriting.

This adds to the mystery.

On this regard, the Office of the Mayor is very silent. Someone has to explain many things before people begin to believe, if they have not yet done so, that the Mayor is directly involved in these irregularities.


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