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Fahad won’t allow the city destroyed by the rift between the schools division and the region

By ROCAYA SUMNDAD OTICAL and NOMAIRY E. POCA-AN with Photos by Hanifah b. otical

MARAWI CITY (November 24) -- The city mayor of the Islamic City of Marawi warned that he would not allow his city to be destroyed by the rift between the city schools division and the Autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao, especially the regional Department of Education just because of misunderstanding and power struggle. 

Sultan Fahad “Pre” Salic said this in an emergency meeting last November called for by the schools division superintendent wherein he was invited as speaker. 

“I don’t care if all our schools in the Islamic City of Marawi are lost, as long as we will not be destroyed,” said Mayor Salic in Maranao during the division’s emergency meeting held on November 24 to discuss about the new development effected by the regional office of the Department of Education against the schools division superintendent Mona Macatanong. 

Mayor Salic advised the teachers that they should just ignore the issues (about this Regional Office and the Islamic City of Marawi Schools Division.) 

On her part, Macatanong stated that the Islamic City of Marawi School Division have not received any fund for their maintenance and operating expenses for seven months. 

She said that they wrote to the regional office to ask for help to have the right of Marawi City. 

But when the Regional Office responded to their letter, they said that it’s not true that they are holding the funds for the Islamic City of Marawi School Division and that they have no proof. 

Ms. Mona Macatanong said, “Our office’s electricity would be cut if we haven’t done a soliciting, why had we done a soliciting? Because there is no funds that we are receiving to pay the electricity bill. If there is a program that we are going to held for the students, we would ask money to the teachers, why? Because there is no fund. 

Meanwhile, Macatanong lamentably recalled the day she and other said she could not understand how could other teachers in the Division report her and those who joined her when on a trip to the Civil Service Commission. She said that some other teachers reported her to the Regional Office because she was absent at the Division’s Office. She said, “When they are the ones going on a nonsense trips, I’m not absenting them. But they reported me to the Regional Office when that trip of ours was an Official Trip.” 

She added in her speech that she was so shocked that Ms. Omaimah Daluma was designated as Grade I Supervisor when the former Grade I Supervisor, Ms. Macadadaya hasn’t retired yet and hasn’t officially left the Grade I Supervisor position yet. She said, “The retirement of Ms. Macadadaya as Grade I Supervisor is until March 15, next year.” 

She ended her speech by hoping that this problem would be solved without any trouble. 

He added that here in Islamic City of Marawi, the era is not so much. That in his almost nine years of being the Mayor of the Islamic City of Marawi, there has been improvements in the city. “O adn a pukhailay niyo a mga public toilet, miyangasisimento, na sii phoon ko era tano sa ranao aya.” 

“Di ako pageyog oba kabinasaan a geya Islamic City of Marawi, poon bo sa geya a di kapzinabotaan a geya Regional Office ago geya Marawi City Division Office,” he said. He said that he would do his best to solve this conflicts. And that he would help them. 

He said: “Na godn o makaontod ka ago maagaong ka ki pagaringka so pwesto a Supervisor ago Superintendent, e mapita na khada kaon bo. Na aya kyapakasold ka na tugul. Na aya kapliyongka na rata a ginawa ka pagontod so legal a kiruk.” (So what if you grab from your brother or sister the position of supervisor or superintendent, getting it by force and leaving in sorrows for tomorrow you would be out cause the true legal holder of the position will assume.) He added. 

He added: “Phamangniin akun rukano a langolangowan a mga babay akun, mga wata akun, mga maestro, mga principal, mga supervisor, oman isa rukano na pakaisaisaa niyo so bagur ka para makaisaisa a kisosogot san.” (I beg of you all my sisters, my children, the teachers, principals, supervisors, every one of you to unite yur strength so you can easily and smoothly do it.) 

Salic stressed: “Na oba ana khaadun saya a awid a akal pantag sa khabinasa iran so kaphagingud na phamangning ko rukano a di niyo kiran phangototun. Opama na mailay akun a khabinasaan a geya a engud akun a sabap rukano a mga babai akun na di ako pageyog. A sabap ko tabi tabia, ko mga tao a di niyan kalalanatan so ruk iyanon na diakunon iphangonot sa thoomoon akun a dadun a eskwelaan sa geyangkai a Islamic City of Marawi a ba khabinasai so langolangowan a pagtao. (So if there will arise problem to destroy our hometown please I ask of you not to allow it. If, for instance, I see that my city will be destroyed because of you my sisters, I would not allow it. Because with due respect to those who could not wait for their share or time to come, I will not allow them if it will destroy our people and city.) 

The city mayor warned that “If this become too much, I will have no more consideration or sympathy and I will close all the schools in the city even if you will have no more work.} 

“Do not listen to people who do not know what is happening here. Do not listen to all these papers they are bringing to you,” he said. 

He said he begged those who like to have the positions to wait for their time when it become legal to them to have the position. 

“And please don’t ever forget,” he said, “that I will not allow my city to be destroyed just because of this rift.” 


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