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PPEI Power Plant Gains Neighbors’ Support

ILIGAN CITY (Nov. 23) – The Power Plant proposed to be built by PowerSource Philippines Energy, Inc. (PPEI) inside the compound of LAFARGE Cement in Kiwalan, Iligan City, is steadily gaining the support of the surrounding communities.

In a gathering of residents at Purok 11 on the hillside covered with verdant Cardava Bananas just a few hundred meters above the LAFARGE Cement Plant where a sizable number of families live, newsmen covering the activity heard the people expressed their support to the establishment of a Power Plant near their neighborhood.

They residents said that they understand that the said proposed Plant will be fueled by coal plus biomass.

They also said they understand that the Plant will be using state-of-the-art technology that protects the environment from pollution.

According to the Purok leaders who spoke during the gathering they have already witnessed how modern technology stopped the pollution emitting from the smokestacks of the cement plants decades ago.

One speaker was anxious of the possibility that they could find employment on the new Plant.

Another hoped that the management of the proposed Plant can help them get electrical connections.

Still another asked if the management can help obtain from LAFARGE Cement a better access road since at the moment they used the gates of the said Plant and they are finding cumbersome the present security clearing system.

It was learned that under the previous management of the Plant now owned by LAFARGE Cement the gates were opened without hassles to them who reside above the compound.

Newsmen observed that the residents are not worried about pollution at all. FRANK E. DOSDOS, JR./RANAO STAR

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