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Division-I lady teachers did it!


MARAWI CITY — Lady educators from Lanao del Sur schools division 1 played a remarkable part in the global celebrations of Hijab Day as they did the most systematic and fast mass formation of power sign at the provincial capitol gymnasium here on February 1 .

The mentors’ participation posed an aspiration to the Guinness World Book of Records (GWBR) for the Power Sign Mass Formation was done by the teachers consisted of 616 participants in only four-minute time, breaking Canada’s record of 350 participants who did it in ten minutes.

But Dr. Normillah S. Pangandaman, schools division superintendent, emphasized in her message during the occasion that this event was not aimed primarily as the official entry of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) to the GWBR.

She also said it is not only aimed to highlight Muslim women’s right to participate in the political and economic development of the Bangsamoro.

“It is timely that we are given the opportunity to remind our sisters in spreading their knowledge and understanding of Islam to their peers and company,” she stressed.

Pangandaman said:

“This Hijab Day is a call for us; may be our knowledge of wearing Hijab is already dormant. We are gathered here today to wake up and give new life. Our duty is to convey the message of submission to the Will of God through various means of communications and various aspects of life.”

She explained that hijab is taken from the Arabic word “hijaba” which means to hide or to conceal.

She said, “This does not mean that Islam refrain Muslim women to participate in the political and economic development of the society. In fact we are ordained to be partners of believing men.”

She cited a Qur’anic commandments which says that believing men and believing women are helpers of one another; they enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.

Dr. Zenaida Ampatua, schools division superintendent of Lanao del Sur II, Dr. Soraida Noor and Dr. Sahanee M. Sumagayan, assistant school division superintendents for secondary and elementary education respectively OF Lanao del Sur I also actively participated in the event. RANAO STAR

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