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Former Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus Dureza thinks it might not be necessary to coordinate with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in conducting the Mamasapano operations last January 25. This is based, he said, on a provision of the implementing guidelines on the ceasefire agreement signed on 15 February 2012 between the GPH Chair Marvic Leonen and MILF Mohagher Iqbal which states:

"6. Except for operations against high priority targets, a list of which shall be provided by the GPH Panel to  the MILF Panel, the AHJAG shall inform the GPH and the MILF CCCH at least 24 hours prior to the conduct of the AFP/PNP operations in order to allow sufficient time for the evacuation of civilians and to avoid armed confrontation between the GPH and MILF forces"
Dureza said: "The clear language speaks for itself. It   clearly exempts the GPH operating units in cases of operations against the likes of MARWAN.

"In fact, the SAF informed others of the top secret operations  AFTER THE FACT to prevent the operations from being compromised, learning from previous failed operations in the past. Otherwise, they would have not successfully bagged  HPT MARWAN.

However, I received today  a phone call today from GPH Panel Chair Miriam Coronel- Ferrer clarifying  that although that provision can be interpreted as giving exemption, however on the operational level, prior coordination is a MUST.  And this has been the operating procedure downloaded to all  AFP/ PNP units.

"Although I maintain the same position that prior coordination is not necessary in operations against HPT as clearly provided in the said provision,  I yield to the clarification of Chair Ferrer who is now privy and authoritative on internal matters in the peace process. I am no longer there.”
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