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Davao solon joins colleagues in call for BBL passage


COTABATO CITY (March 19) – A member of the House of Representatives from Davao region recently joined his colleagues in the call for the immediate resumption of the deliberations and the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Davao del Norte representative Anthony del Rosario, together with 35 other members of the House of Representatives urged the other members of the lower house to go on with the scheduled deliberations on the BBL.

Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, chair of the 75-man member of ad hoc committee that tackles the proposed law for the Bangsamoro has already set the deliberations next month but some of the committee members are also moving to block the resumption of the deliberations.

Zamboanga City Rep. Celso Lobregat earlier issued a statement saying that they are seeking the signatures of two-thirds of the committee members to postpone the resumption of the deliberations on BBL next month.

Lobregat and his colleagues insisted that they must first complete their investigations to the Mamasapano incident before moving on to the deliberations on BBL.

“BBL is essential to the continuing peace process in Mindanao,” del Rosario said in a statement, signifying his belief that BBL will bring lasting peace and genuine development to the people of Mindanao.

The 35 solons who pushed for the passage of the BBL also issued a separate statement saying that the BBL “the only step we have now, in the right direction.”

“Otherwise, we can only imagine a future of more Mamasapanos, more Jabidahs,” the 35 solons, including del Rosario said, adding that their primary duty as representatives of the Filipino people is “to make sure that this does not happen.”

Del Rosario also urged his colleagues to give the BBL a chance and transform the same, through legislation, into a tool to allow the peace process between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to move on.
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