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NEWS: Free taste brings shoppers to Bangsamoro awareness week

ASA "Al-Maraj" Madale
Cagayan de Oro City

April 13, 2015

Former legislator of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Samira Ali Gutoc-Tomawis told the Ranao Star on April 13,2015 that Ayala Malls in Cagayan de Oro did a first in hosting a Bangsamoro Awareness Week .

Selfies in taking photographs of ancient Moro history (1900 onwards) instead of just lobbying was to create a BBL awareness as well to have the disinterested find information about the Moros and Muslims.

Peace signatures, Shariah women's rights campaigns by a niqabi, hijab and malong, abaya fashion show, curators checking out the Moro photos and sweets, MAMIS galore kept this year's 2015 BANGSAMORO WEEK vibrant and alive in Northern Mindanao's friendship city, Cagayan de Oro. 

In his message, Mayor Oscar Moreno celebrated this multi-ethnic reality in noting the peace among old Christians and Muslims who lived here once upon a time and the same tri-people harmonious existence lives to this day .

Samira said the two-day event is attracted by a mamis/sweets corner which has a FREE TASTE led by Muslim Youth Council to invite shoppers to try the Meranao sweets. This was the most visited by passers-by wanting to taste the MAMIK, DODOL , BROWA , TAMOKONSI and other sweets which can be be potential products to sell in the future. 

MYC volunteered in the successful MUFTI MENK event in CDO .

A young lawyer, indigenous people's leader articulated the ancestral demands for recognition and Bangsamoro self-determination to join Ambassador Abulkhayr Alonto, MNLF leader and Bishop Ledesma as passers-by and summer shoppers watched a belated commemoration of Bangsamoro Awareness Week .

The first speaker of the autonomous Regions' Regional Assembly Alonto traced the history of the peace agreements.

In the open forum, questions were asked on the percentage of passing the BBL and how to assure that good will come out of a Bangsamoro government, asked a Meranao lady. Alonto and the young lawyer answered.

Alonto replied the success continues to be prayed for thus this kind of fora. Alonto flew in from Manila from the hearings being conducted as he is a resource person in the House hearings to be called anew this April .

Flyers on the BBL , cost of conflict were distributed to interested shoppers as they watched the hijab and fashion show with curiosity. An American lady and male wore the malong and tutob respectively which had many Moros taking photographs with them

Former Mayor Franklin Quijano came as well as Balay Mindanao and other CSOs who met the two congresspersons of Cagayan de Oro to urge the BBL passage.

Meanwhile, We read excerpts of the letter to Christians and legislators by Archbishop Orlando Quevedo on urging the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Bill appealing to mercy and compassion shown by Jesus.

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