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NPC President enthroned Princess of Light

The newly enthroned Bae a Sindaw sa Pilimpinas in a souvenir
photo with officials of the Confederation of Ranao Royal Sultanates.

MARIA CRISTINA, Iligan City — Another renowned Filipino woman leader has been added to the royal roll in the Pat a Pungampong ko Ranao or Four Prefecture of Lanao after the country’s electric power icon is conferred with a royal title recently.

To the Maranaos, Maria Gladys Cruz-Santa Rita, president of National Power Corporation (Napocor) may now be addressed to as Bae Gladys with all the respects and accolades accorded to a royal person.

Bae Gladys was enthroned here as Bae a Sindaw sa Pilimpinas or Princess of Light in the Philippines by the Philippine Muslim Women Council (PMWC) as part of a commemoration of this year’s Women’s Month.

The enthronement was held at AGUS VII HEP Multi-Purpose Training Center here on March 17.

Bae Gladys was conferred with the royal title by the Federation of Ranao Royal Sultanates headed by Sultan Macmod Dalidig of Pagayawan, one of the 16 royal houses of the Pat a Pungampong ko Ranao, witnessed by royal dignitaries and in the presence of respected personalities.

The NPC President was so overwhelmed, she said “I didn’t expect that I would be crowned as the Princess of Light of the Philippines. I just came here to entertain your invitation.”

She thanked the president and other leaders of Philippine Muslim Women Council for the acknowledgement. 


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