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EDITORIAL. Measuring Government Performance

Physical and financial performance of government appears to have been inadequately measured in many parts of the country since Independence was attained almost 70 years ago. Taxpayers are not satisfactorily informed of what is happening to their hard-earned contribution to the commonweal.

No wonder that the masses easily believe rumors of graft and corruption here and there. Even Media have limited access to accurate information. The Commission of Audit is often referred as the “commission? Or audit?”

And worse even some executives especially in the local government levels do not know what is happening on their targets vis-à-vis accomplishments. There are some who are mindful only of how and when they can spend their intelligence and discretionary funds.

The worst is a situation where there are financial but no physical targets. The budget is totally spent but there are no accomplishments.

Thus it is very heartening to learn that ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman is initiating assessments of the status of the programs and projects budgeted and implemented by the various line agencies of the region. This is probably the first time in the history of the autonomous government of the Bangsamoro that an honest to goodness evaluation of performance is being done.

One would hear for example that the money spent over the years for the concreting of the Lake Lanao circumferential road could have completed the job several times already if spent properly. However, it is plain conjecture for no objective evaluations were made before.

The regional governor is moving on the right direction. For ARMM to grow and develop faster and better every centavo appropriated for certain endeavors must be properly accounted and the physical performance accurately measured.

Finally, if results are openly reported to the citizenry through the Media public support for government would certainly be obtained. And most important of all, the whole country will realize that the Bangsamoro deserves its hard-earned autonomy.


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