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If in case:Is he or is he not, that is the question!

So Duterte came to the Land of the Bantugen, Home of the People of the Lake, as he did to many politically strategic parts of the country.

And as always, it goes without saying literally to the Maranaos that he didn't come for the presidency but federalism, an advocacy that all of us practically believe that needs the power of a president to realize. 

Yes only a president with strong political will can do it and if Rody is not running for president, his advocacy entailing huge amount of money for these travels is not commensurate.

And in case he changes his mind and runs, will he win? 

The answer is No, unless...

But, unless he has the backing of the unseen gods and goddesses of Mount Empyrean behind the smogs of Manila.

But most likely, these unseen empyreanists don't want not only Mindanao to prosper but the entire Philippines as well, and, for that matter, any nation that they can lay their hands on.

Or that he will be able to use people's power that the empyreanists could do nothing but give heed and way.

But allies and friends of the mayor of one of the most populous but safe city in the country
are not politically placed in the time. Some lost in the past elections; others could not reach the powers that be.

And chances are he may win the endorsement of the empyrianists powerful than those we see in Malacanang and the Congress.
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