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LOOKING BACK. My way of saying THANK YOU

Alhamdulillaah and thanks to ARMM RG Hataman and his information bureau chief Exec. Dir. Mawallil for designating me as Bureau Prov'l. Coordinator for Lanao del Sur starting July 1, 2015. It is an honor and a pleasure to be endowed with their trust and confidence.

My special thanks also go to Atty. Rasol Mitmug Jr. for introducing me to the most dynamically public-service oriented ARMM government. It happened that it's only him who had invited me to meet the RG and to be familiar with the unprcedented reform he strongly advocates.

My heartfelt thanks also go -

To Datu Amenodin Cali, the energetic ARMM asst. secretary for Lanao Sur Convergence for his untiring support in the formation of the Sarimanok Press Club of which I was interim president.

To Bae Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, that versatile CSO icon, for her always being with us in the local media at times challenging.

To Dr. Padoman Paporo, the brilliant head of Philippine Muslim Womens Council, for her inspiring advice to us.

To my staff in The Ranao Star whose loyalty, sacrifices and dedication have made us the No. 1 local print media snd fast growing weekly in the region.

And to all those who have been with us in strengthening the local media in order to have Might against the dominating centrist and imperialist media. I might have ovrrlooked your names due to my own weaknesses but my gratitude and prayers go with you.

The position is small and has at all no power and influence. But I value it much not because I need the position or the job but because it was a trust given to me.

Let us continue to be united and work together despite our diversity in principle and outlook in life. Let us set aside differences, for the sake of our people, and for God, especially during this holy month when prayers are most accepted.

Long live the Maranao; Long Live the Bangsamoro. To one and all, a blessed and pleasant Ramadan Kareem.
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