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DSWD Core Shelter Funds Remain in Iligan – Marzo

Acting Mayor Ruderic C. Marzostood pat in his stand that the Core Shelter Assistance Fund shall remain in the City coffers despite DSWD demands that it should be temporarily deposited in the Office of the DSWD Regional Office while not yet used in building houses for victims of typhoon Sendong.

Marzo revealed early this week that officials of DSWD Regional Office 10 wanted to discuss with him about the matter but he refused.

He asserted that the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the local government of Iligan and DSWD does not provide that if implementation of the project is delayed, the funds shall be returned.

It was gathered that the city government is doing its best to continue with the project even though the short term of Marzo shall soon end.

It may be recalled that shortly after typhoon Sendong in December 2011, DSWD released P242,130,000 to the local government of Iligan for the construction of houses for the victims government-owned land.

It was then reported that due to unavoidable circumstances, there is still a balance of P197,000,000 in the City Treasurer’s custody.

Unavailability of government-owned land delayed the utilization of said funds prompting DSWD to demand its return, it was said.

Recently, a task force created by Marzo found small parcels of local government-owned land that could be used for building house of Sendong victims, according to a reliable source. –The New Ranao

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