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Editorial. Dynasties have a way to end

Nothing but nothing can last in this world forever. It has been said that anything material has its own process of decay.

Monarchy, feudalism, dynasties, dictatorships and any form of rule by man over other men had formed, deformed or vanished over the ages. King Solomon’s rule of almost all of the Middle East disintegrated after he died. Recently, in Philippine History, the Ampatuan rule in Maguindanao is showing signs of disintegration after the death of the original strongman.

The Quibranza-Dimaporo control of the political landscape in Lanao del Norte for about half a century seems to be ending. The elder in the family is no longer functioning normally as the representative of the second district and the matriarch representative of the first district is also having her own share of problems while the Governor son will be ending his third term in office by 2016.

The national junta of the Liberal Party has reportedly admitted the Dimaporo’s into its fold since October 2014 without informing or consulting the provincial chapter who now claims to be the original Liberal Party officials in the province. The latter are now saying the national leadership of the party should not give special treatment to the family that had nothing to do with its victory in the national polls last 2010.

It is speculated that the mother will run for governor while the son will run for representative of the first district. Will the father run for reelection despite his situation now? If he does, it would be not as easy as it used to be, says a political observer.

The Liberal Party has announced that it was fielding Mayor Neshren Eleanor D. Lantud of Pantao Ragat as its candidate for governor in 2016. Observers say it would tilt the balance in Lanao del Norte politics for certainly the voters of Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND), named after the Mayor’s father and led by his Mayor brother, would go for her. SND used to be the bailiwick of the ruling Dimaporo family.

Moreover, it was said that the hinterland municipalities of Disrict 2 would go for Eleanor over Imelda (Angging) because the latter is a relative only by affinity while the former is a relative by blood.

On the other hand, the Christian tribes may also go for Eleanor because she has proven to be a uniting force between and among Christians in her municipality, according to Christian leaders in the province like the Mayor of Maigo.

A member of the provincial board told newsmen that many of his colleagues in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan had been growling about the way the province was being run but they are just waiting for someone whom they can rally behind to get rid of what they call a dynasty of Beauty and Bounty where the beauty is in the wife and the bounty goes to the husband.

The group must take note however, that for over fifty years, the voters of Lanao del Norte had not heard of any formidable name except the name of the politicians whom they want to challenge now. They must take into account that for many past elections they had made several attempts to wrestle political power from the ruling family.

Has their turn come at last? Only time will tell. The New Ranao Star

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