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Lanao CSOs urge Lake Lanao inclusion in BBL


BANGON, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur — Various civil society organizations (CSOs) in Lanao del Sur urged lawmakers deliberating the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) the inclusion of Lake Lanao in the Bangsamoro inland waters. They also vehemently opposed any deletion or amendment on certain provisions of the original draft of the bill.

In a meeting recently held at Manican Mansion here, leaders of various CSOs had formulated the following resolution:

“Firstly, we vehemently oppose any deletion or amendments of the following provisions in the BBL: (a.) Article 3. SEC.4. Inland Waters. – All inland waters such as lakes, rivers, river systems and streams within the Bangsamoro area are part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. The preservation and management thereof shall be part of the jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro Government. (b.) Article 5, SEC. 3. Exclusive Powers — Exclusive powers are matters over which authority and jurisdiction pertain to the Bangsamoro Government. The Bangsamoro Government shall exercise these powers over the following matters within the Bangsamoro: ii. Inland Waters.

“Secondly, to return to the original CAB based provision of Article 5, section 3, paragraph (o.) which read as follows from Annex on Power Sharing (CAB), Part 3, article 3, section 15:

“The Bangsamoro Government shall have authority to regulate power generation, transmission, and distribution operating exclusively in the Bangsamoro. It shall promote investments, domestic and international, in the power secto industry in the Bangsamoro. Power plants and distribution networks in the Bangsamoro shall be able to interconnect and sell power over the national transmission grid to electric consumers. The Bangsamoro Government may assist electric cooperatives in accessing funds and technology, to ensure their financial and operational viability. When power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities are connected to the national transmission grid, the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate through the inter-governmental relations mechanism;

“And lastly, to include such amendments as follows with any of the three options:

*For Article 12, Section 32 of the BBL Draft (to be added as Paragraph D)

First Option (D). For Hydro Electric Plants (HEPs) Utilizing Bangsamoro Waters as energy resource, such revenue shall be shared equally by the National and Bangsamoro Governments.

Second Option: For Article 12, Section 32 of the BBL Draft include “Water” in the enumeration of non-metallic minerals (paragraph a.) which will be read as follows: a. For non-metallic minerals (sand, gravel, quarry and water resources), such revenue shall pertain fully to the Bangsamoro and its local government units)

Third option: For Article 12, Section 32 of the BBL Draft, Include “other potential source of energy, in paragraph C which will be read as follows: C. For fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas, and coal) uranium and other potential source of energy, the same shall be shared equally between the National and Bangsamoro Government.)

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