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MAIGO, LANAO DEL NORTE - In an assembly held at Kutitap Resort, here last Saturday, August 1, the leaders and some followers of the “original” Liberal Party in the province reached a consensus to field Mayor Neshren Eleanor D. Lantod of the progressive hinterland municipality of Pantao Ragat, this province as their gubernatorial candidate in 2016 to challenge the present ruling party who incidentally are close kins of the lady prospect standard bearer.

Spearheaded by former Congressman Abdullah Mangotara, former Provincial Board, Member Casan Maquiling of Munai, Board Member Yusoph Omar, Mayor Rafael Rizalda of this municipality and others, the LP Leaders present rose in a loud applause on that memorable moment the decision was reached.

“Mayroon ng katapat (Here’s someone who can match),” commented Mangotara obviously alluding to the ruling family.

It was opined that Lantud, a daughter of the late Caromatan Mayor Sultan Naga Dimaporo, brother of the late Congressman Mohammad Ali Dimaporo who is the father of incumbent 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo whose wife is Imelda Quibranza Dimaporo and whos son is the incumbent Governor Mohammad Khalid Q. Dimaporo is the only person in the province who can rally the voters of the 2nd District against what they said is a dynasty that has been ruling for almost 60 years.

The LP Leaders say Lantud has a sterling record and performance as undefeated Mayor of Pantao Ragat which in spite of the absence of any support from the national and provincial government for 10 years has grown to be a progressive town whose wide streets are all paved and almost all barangays can be reached through all-weather farm to market roads.

Newsmen familiar with Pantao Ragat see the cleanliness that cannot be seen anywhere in the two Lanao provinces and even Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities.

Lantud once told newsmen, “True service comes from the heart – not from the mouth or through good English.”

Maigo Mayor Rizalda who had ran once for Provincial Governor said that many leaders and followers of coastline municipalities will join the original LP now that they have chosen a candidate who can put up a really good fight.

Board Member Yusoph Omar said that even members of the Provincial Board are grumbling about the way the present ruling family is running the province.

He said, however, that they could not voice out their discontent because they have nobody to rally behind.

He added that the ruling dynasty is about to end.

As of this writing, Mayor Lantud has not been reached for comment.

Former Board Member and Munai Mayor Casan Maquiling, however, said that if Pantao Ragat Vice-Mayor Lacson Lantud who was present will accept his wife’s nomination, Eleanor would gladly accept it gladly.

Observers saw an affirmatory look in the eyes of the usually low-profile Vice Mayor of Pantao Ragat. The New Ranao Star

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