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Marawi traders give food assistance to the needy

Marawi City

Some two thousand residents of the Islamic City of Marawi once again benefitted from the food assistance that Marawi businessmen distributed on the occasion of the Holy Month Ramadan very recently.

In a program, Datu Mohammad “Ama Datu” Batabor, president of Marawi Traders and Radio Forum, recalled that since fasting started he saw people lingering around their place wishing to receive gifts from the group. which meant “many of our people are in need.”

He lamented that since the association started giv-ing assistance to the needy of our populace every year, every Ramadan, since 2010, “we witness that poverty is still rooted deeply in our midst.”

He also emphasized that ladies in nikab who are begging are growing everyday.

He said this prompted members of the association to contribute again in cash or in kind to put up the food stuffs out of their small in-come to be distributed to the needy who maybe per-forming their fast during Ramadan in difficulty.

The distribution was done with the cooperation of the Philippine Army’s 103rd Brigade based in the city. It was represented by Major Osop and Major Muksana.

On his part, Major Osop said he was touched as he watched the crowd that shows a lot of needy in the locality.

He recited a hadith which stated that poverty leads men to become disbeliever.

He then enjoined the crowd to help request the traders to expand their help by contributing a little to augment an amount enoughto become a business capi-tal of one or more of the poor so that they can be no longer queue like this to beg.

It was said that the or-ganization is composed of around 7000 members.

Batabaor thanked Col. Murillo, 103rd Brigade commander, for sending his
men to represent him which shows the military close cooperation with the traders group.

He also thanked Vice Mayor Arafat Salic, brother of Market Superintendent Samer Salic, for gracing the occasion with his representatives.

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