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City DILG continues monitoring Barangay Operation

(From the centre Brgy Chairman Hamza B. Pimping (Bangon)
 and others staff of DILG)

MARAWI CITY, September 9 — The City Department of the Interior and Local Government continued monitoring barangays in the city, this time those that belonged to Cluster 5 were being monitored.

Cluster 5 barangays are Barangay Bangon (Chairman Hamza B. Pimping), Moriatao LoksaDato, (chairwoman Sittienor Fatimah Mamoransing Gandarosa), Dayawan (Chairman Sahrani H.B. Mutin), Tuca, Amito Marantao (chairman Al-Farouk P. Langco, Jr.), Poona Marantao Pindolonan (chairman H.Noor D. Manaul), Bacolod Chico, and Lumbaca-Toros (chairman Rasol T. Taha).

The monitoring was led by the Cluster Head Mohmina Pandapatan, City DILG which is headed by City Director Hadja Kareema A. Ibrahim.

The monitoring will be inspects the barangay if it is properly set like the barangay hall, barangay health center, documents, mission and vision and others requirements of a barangay.

There were three Barangay chairmen absent during the monitoring.

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