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City DILG monitors Barangay Cluster 3 of Marawi City


Marawi City - The DILG goes to 11 barangays of Cluster 3 in Marawi City last September 03, 2015 to monitor each Barangays; the said monitoring was headed by DILG City Director Hadja Kareema “Sahira “ A. Ibrahim together with DILG employees.

They checked the facilities, place and status, structured of the Barangay Hall and many other things inside and outside of each Barangay Hall.

It was observed that some Barangay Halls have complete facilities, good place and environment, and good structure of office; while most were lack of facilities, services, and so on.

Barangay Chairmen are very well cooperated and pleasant to DILG men, they contentedly answer their questions.

The city DILG personnel are moving and continue with their works to the other Clusters and Barangays within the month of September.

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