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ESWM opens new office

By Rocaya Sumndad Otical
and Hanalee Tan yahya

Marawi City -- The Ecological Solid Waste Management Board (ESWMB) opened its new office near the entrance of the City Hall Compound.

The opening was done in simple inauguration attended by the members and other concerned citizens.

It was led by former Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc Tomawis and graced by Marawi City Councilor Junjun Lucman and other dignitaries.

The ESWM is a program that concerns our nature and our environment through campaigning relentlessly how we can make our community clean and safe and avoid different diseases which came from the waste.

Some participants during the opening shared their ideas and inspirational words on how we can help make our community clean, in a way to make the waste as a source of income by recycling it and use it in another way.

Sultan Mosib A. Lazim, City Agriculturist demonstrated how to recycle our waste and make it as fertilizer.

He explained how we can use biodegrable and non-biodegrable materials as source of needs and money. TNRS

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