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For Marawi city mayor, is it SOLI or MAJUL?

That remains to be seen.

But definitely, If we are to believe on what is appearing in social media and what his camp shows, Solitario is coming back.

On the other hand, until the time he has finally filed his certificate of candidacy, news of Majul's running for city mayor still remains a rumor.

Of course, that is the way of politics people say.

However, people close to Majul who, for the meantime, request not to be identified, assures The New Ranao Star that he is set for the city top executive post. They said everything is taking place in order: consensus of the family, support from the party, and the general leaders he maintains during the years he, or his family is in politics.

On the other hand, City Administrator Barry Macaumbos told this writer that Soli is definitely running. This was also confirmed by Soli’s trusted leader Aleem Amate, the former member of the provincial board of Lanao del Sur, in a chanced meeting at Lasureco Avatar with this writer. Sometime ago.

The Aleem said Soli did not want to comeback to politics after being defeated in the provincial gubernatorial elections three times.

But he said Solitario is worried of what is happening in the locality.

He quoted Soli as saying that “I am willing to be a sacrificial lamb if only to save our people from cruel circumstances,” referring to the outcry of many constituents for his comeback.

Solitario stint as city mayor for two terms before, was lauded as Marawi’s best ever. It was said that he was able to do better things for the city than any of his predecessors. This no one, even his opponent, could deny.

On the other hand, the young Gandamra has yet to show what is in store for him.

As assemblyman of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, no doubt he has shown good  performances. But the assembly is no more than law promulgation, not an executive leadership. He is not yet exposed to being chief executive in government, local or otherwise.

Now, it is time for the Maranao voting public to decide what is good for them. It is time to use their common sense. It is time that they deeply think how their votes greatly affect their future. It is time to show that they are really good and noble people whose future cannot be bought because they are Muslims and Maranaos at that. The New Ranao Star

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